« Engraver and medal maker, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, I create and produce high end punches and dies for the striking of medals and derivatives, embossing dies, business cards and letterhead, trophies, punches for cold stamping, metal sculpture and restoration of artefacts. »– Nicolas Salagnac

Video of the day

« Étincelles ». A film about the training of arts metal, LP Fillod Ferdinand de Saint-Amour – Jura, Alexandra Santander and Didier Boyat of: Sueño in the Fábrica.

Documentary: France, 37 min.

Grand Jury Special Mention 2013 9th festival of education Evreux film organized by the CEMEA.

It is vocational school of metal Fillod Ferdinand de Saint-Amour Arts – Jura, Alexandra Santander and Didier Boyat of: Sueño in the Fábrica residency artist, come to meet teachers and students. The first present workshops and various training and the second evoke enthusiasm discovery trades metal and commitment to artistic creation it allows.

Message from Philippe Meirieu sciences professor of education at the University Lumière Lyon 2 , Vice -President of the Rhône -Alpes delegate « à la formation tout au long de la vie » : « I am particularly pleased that the Festival ‘ Evreux chose to distinguish the film « Sparks  » I know investment vocational school , its teachers , its educational settings and students to make this document that says so forcefully the importance of demanding training gesture just in a  » pedagogy of the masterpiece . » They show how vocational training can bring intelligence to incandescent they shatter the old and absurd categories that oppose the « manual  » and  » intellectual  » they appropriately point out that the functional value and aesthetic pleasure do not oppose but converge in the symbolic , they perfectly illustrate the famous formula of the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras :  » man thinks because he has a hand. »

Sueño in the Fábrica is an original sound concept of strong identity experienced in brownfields and developed on stage with many artists and musicians, but also with scientists. His shows are presented in many countries every year with original music and many multimedia entertainment between Art and Science.

The site Sueño in the Fábrica : Link.
See the website of Ferdinand LP Fillod, metal arts, Saint-Amour – Jura: Link.