« Engraver and medal maker, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, I create and produce high end punches and dies for the striking of medals and derivatives, embossing dies, business cards and letterhead, trophies, punches for cold stamping, metal sculpture and restoration of artefacts. »– Nicolas Salagnac

Video of the day

Little film from a first in France, for the 22nd Student Medal Project.

The medals of the competition: 10 French creations from the « Jura », were judged in the British Museum with 95 British creations. The French sculptors creations just 6 students (2nd year CAP) of the LP Pierre Vernotte from Moirans en Montagne and 4 students engravers (2nd year CAP) LP Ferdinand Fillod Saint-Amour.

Winning medals: « Aqua » Lucie Pobel, printmaker LP Fillod and Special Jury Prize with the medal « I’m Charlie. »

Thank you to Christine Joly and Pascal  Doussot from Lp Pierre Vernotte, and high school Hector Guimard Lyon for foundry work.
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