« Engraver and medal maker, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, I create and produce high end punches and dies for the striking of medals and derivatives, embossing dies, business cards and letterhead, trophies, punches for cold stamping, metal sculpture and restoration of artefacts. »– Nicolas Salagnac

Video of the day

 » Nicolas, engraver « , Barbara Bégot’s movie for TLM, realized by Octogone production in 1997 – 1998. It makes 20 years. I am in the period at the beginning of the competition « one of the Best Workers of France » and responsible for the workshop of engraving of the house TRUSTED (subsidiary of A. Augis) to Dardilly, thanks to TRUSTED to have allowed this shooting. Thanks to the Museum of the Fine arts of Lyon, François Planet, thanks to the establishments Levallois ironworks to Craponne…

The quality of this movie is average, because it comes from a old recording on VHS… But for lack of having better, I show it to you as is.