Nicolas Salagnac


A few articles, reports and interviews about Nicolas Salagnac, tracing his career since 1996.

Brave woman – published in the Chinese gold coin magazine.

Brave woman – published in the Chinese gold coin magazine. The bronze medal recorded a precious friendship. At the FEDIM conference in Ghent, Belgium, in 2016, in a conversation with Nicolas Salagnac – a French […]

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NICOLAS SALAGNAC, french engraver of excellence

June 20, 2017 by Pierre NUMISMAG interviewed one of the rare French engravers who falls under the tradition of the engravers such as CHAPLAIN, DROPSY, ROTY, etc. He is named Nicolas SALAGNAC. Former student of […]

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Make a mark to last all time

Un article en anglais dans le journal “The Connexion – France’s English-language newspaper – May 2017. Ecrit par @EmilyCommander MAKE A MARK TO LAST ALL TIME CRAFTS in focus Métiers d’art are ancient …and protected […]

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FRANCE HAS NOW PARTICIPATED twice in the BAMS Student Medal Project.

The Medal (issue 69, Autumn 2016) Nicolas Salagnac, professor of engraving at the Lycée Ferdinand Fillod, Saint-Amour, Jura, explains: ‘In 2015 Marcy Leavitt Bourne, director of the BAMS Student Medal Project, asked me to arrange […]

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“Canal Académie” reportage sur l’Académicien Paul Belmondo et l’art de la médaille

Reportage d’Emilie Joulia sur Canal Académie : “Paul Belmondo, sculpteur et graveur sur médaille, de l’Académie des beaux-arts – Rencontre avec le graveur médailleur Nicolas Salagnac, Meilleur Ouvrier de France”. Photographie Emilie Joulia – Canal Académie. […]

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On being an engraver and medallist in 21st-century France, Nicolas Salagnac

Article from the magazine THE MEDAL issue 54, 2010 (pages 30 to 35) 1. Nicolas Salagnac in his workshop, 2004 (Photo: © Jean-Luc Mège) My occupation – engraver – is one of the oldest in […]

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