International trophy for the « Mondial du Pain »

International trophy for the « Mondial du Pain »

Trophy for the « Mondial du Pain » (World of Bread Contest)

International trophy for the « Mondial du Pain »

Trophy for the « Mondial du Pain » (World of Bread Contest). Nicolas Salagnac's portrait.

Design and making of the international trophy for the « Mondial du Pain » (World of Bread Contest), an event organized as part of the SIRHA (Salon international de l’hôtellerie et de la restauration – Hotel and Catering International Show), opening its doors in Lyon-Eurexpo, in January 20-24, 2007.

Overall design
The top of the trophy is round like a loaf of bread, displayed over a long body that brings to mind the stretched and twisted dough. That spiral, starting from Lyons, is the common thread of the whole work.

The materials

Metal: golden bronze on the sides of the trophy, the axis of the piece holding the elements together. On one of the plates, the text « Mondial du Pain – World of bread contest » is engraved. Like two golden flames soaring up. There, in a whirl, a medallion –symbol of the « Bread Ambassadors »– is to be found, conjuring up the manual work, the transmission of knowledge from the elder to the young people. The hands work on a round loaf, the globe and its continents. And on the loaf, the famous « grigne » of the baker.
The spiral starts on the globe, in Lyons, and goes around the piece, gets inside the trophy and then downward, to the roots. The inscriptions: « Ambassadeurs du Pain » and the designer’s signature: N. Salagnac.

Wood: a variety of walnut, very dry, coming from a 150-year-old loom of Canut. Scribed and carved, the sculpture merges simple and pure shapes together. On the one hand, there’s a large and round shape that brings to mind the belly of a pregnant woman and on the other hand, a straight and streched out shape. The union of these shapes forms a curved line rising up to the medallion.

Glass, to evoke water. The glass material is sliced in 50 mm-wide plates, in order to keep as much transparency as possible and enable the light to « live » inside the piece. Stuck together with a special glue, placed on top of each other while following the curves of the sculpture, the glass plates symbolize water, movement, life… They also blend with the earth, with that round loaf.

The Bread

As a food, the bread is bound to last. Inheriting old techniques and adapting to modern technology, the manufacturing have to be conservative and innovative at the same time, to keep the taste and the flavor of the crusty loaf. From the blending of various cereals for the « pleasure » bread to the farming of the best wheat grains for the « required » bread, the artisan baker has plenty of work ahead of him. Kneading, shaping and baking to feed and to please.

The spirit

« There is no art without spirit », principle for the working hands; one needs to imagine before making; know-how can only be invented through spirit: these are the perennial principles that have guided the whirl of mankind. From arts to crafts, there is only one step further for billions of working and forward-looking hands.
The society « Les Ambassadeurs du Pain » pursues a goal, a dream glorified by this trophy, symbol of what it strives for.
Research and tradition, bread and nutrition, endless ellipsis of sharing the worldwide knowledge, from the roundness of the mother earth to the womb of women, oral transmission by displaying the right gesture that no writing could perpetuate, feeding the world is a noble hope that had to come true.

« Bravo to the artist, bravo to the heart of men, everyone can find what one’s looking for in it, a couple of holly burning flames as a an offering for eternity. » (Christian Parveau)
My special thanks go to: « The Ambassadors of Bread » and the Spelcom staff for their confidence in appointing me for this project.
François Pozzolli – MOF baker, who dealt with my work and gave good advice;
Georges Halary, « compagnon du devoir », cabinetmaker and teacher, for his advice and technical assistance for the wood issues;
Roger Chazalet, MOF sculptor, who gave me invaluable advice and lent me his tools;
Claude Seguin, bronze fitter for lamps, who helped me with the polishing and the welding;
François Requien, graphic designer;
The Orfèvrerie MG Montibert company, for the gilding;
Pierre Pignat, MOF glass-making, who opened up his workshop for me;
The Galmiche family, MOF father and son, founders;

Mathieu Cellard, photographer, for the high-quality of his work and his readiness to take on the task;
Michel Moura, bookbinder, for the fashioning of the Guest Book;
Antoine Lioud and his crew IntoNations, for the translation;
… and all the people who took part in the making of this trophy.
Photographs: Matthieu Cellard, tel. : 06 85 81 69 73.