Two stamps gaufrés for the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, for 60 years of Fillods.

60 years ago, Ferdinand FILLOD creates and installs metallic constructions (famous « Fillods ») on the islands of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands to shelter scientific expeditions.
Nicolas SALAGNAC, engraver medalmaker – MOF, in Lyon saw entrusting the engraving of two matrices on this subject by FRENCH SOUTHERN AND ANTARCTIC TERRITORIES, to print by post of Périgueux, complete stamps in embossing.
 » Pierre ALBUISSON Artiste – Draftsman – Engraver Master MOF and councillor at the committee of the philatelic programs of FRENCH SOUTHERN AND ANTARCTIC TERRITORIES had the idea of this first stamp in embossing – medal during the philatelic demonstration and the demonstrations of the various techniques of engravings to Mâcon in 2015. He suggested me after agreement with Marc BOUKEBZA making the creation and the realization. « 

Thanks to Pierre ALBUISSON and Elsa CATELIN, engravers of stamp, for their advice and supports. And thanks to Marc BOUKEBZA, his team of FRENCH SOUTHERN AND ANTARCTIC TERRITORIES and in the post office for the trust which they carried me for this original work.