Plaque-auto pour les 100 ans de la coupe Gordon Bennett, 2005

Plaque-auto pour les 100 ans de la coupe Gordon Bennett, 2005

Auto Plate Medal to commemorate the centennial of the Gordon Bennett Cup. This event brought together around Clermont-Ferrand in France more than 150 old cars from all over the world.

Organized by the Automobile Club d’Auvergne, Satcar and Michelin.


In July 1905, Clermont-Ferrand hosted the last Gordon Bennett Cup. This world event marks the birth of international automobile competitions.

An exceptional international event. On June 2-3-4-5, 2005, Clermont-Ferrand will celebrate the Centenary of this mythical race.
An exceptional line-up, 150 vintage vehicles from the historic race and the most prestigious cars from the beginning of the century will be gathered from all over the world.

June 2nd, 2005
Inauguration of the Best Craftsmen of France exhibition as part of the Centenary of the GORDON BENNETT Cup.

Mrs Olga SAURAT, President of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France and Messrs Serge GODARD, Mayor of Clermont-Ferrand, President of SATCAR, Jean-Claude DAVID President of the Automobile Club d’Auvergne, François GRAMBERT representing Mr Edouard MICHELIN and Roger BERGHEAUD, Honorary President of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France du Puy-de-Dôme, inaugurated the exhibition of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, at Polydôme Clermont-Ferrand.

The Gordon Bennett Auto Plaque Medal for the celebration of the Centennial of the GORDON BENNETT Cup
This creation is inspired in part by the drawing of Mr. Alain Bouldouyre.
Here is represented a « Richard Brasier » car (blue colour, symbolizing France), driven by Théry, winner of the GORDON BENNETT cup in 1905, on the « circuit d’Auvergne », also called « circuit Michelin », in the background the Puy de Dôme.

This car plate medal is 73 mm in diameter. It is realized in the respect of the tradition.
It is at the beginning a blank of metal: silver or bronze which is struck (a kind of stamping) in « half hollow » with a thickness of nearly 2 mm. It will be curved with a dynamic relief. To finish, the car plate medal is gilded, silvered, polished, patinated (depending on the finish) and then waxed…

Medal plate auto diameter 73 mm thickness about 2 mm:
– Drawing of head : 10 medals auto numbered plate (1 to 10) in vermeil (solid silver, gold plated). The 10 Vermeil medals are sold.
– Print run : in solid silver numbered from 11 to 100. The 89 silver medals are sold.
– a declination : in silver bronze with an old silver patina. Price of sale T.T.C. after June 5, 2005 : 37 Euros.
– a silver plated metal cup : with a silver bronze medal with an old silver patina, stuck on the bottom. Selling price after June 5, 2005 : 110 Euros.

These medals are edited by : B.P 2 – 69380 CHASSELAY – Contact : François Gauthier

Creation of the plaque medal for the celebration of the centenary of the Gordon Bennett Cup.

I – Drawing.

Drawing of the Gordon Bennett Cup Centennial Celebration plaque medal. Inspired in part by the drawing of Mr. Alain Bouldouyre.

II – Sculpture.

Sculpture in progress for the realization of the medal car plate evoking the centenary of the GORDON BENNETT CUP – 2005. This sculpture is here worked in plaster on a scale of three. This modelling will then be used as a template for the engraving of the steel matrix.

II – Engraving.

First step of the engraving, reduction of the modelling with a pantograph. On one side the sculpture, on the other the steel matrix. The engraver guides with his feeler the « milling cutter » which machines the steel.
Second step, the hand finishing.
All traces of the passage of the machine on the steel matrix are then removed. This is the hand finishing. The engraver brings his « paw » to the die with stalls, chisels and chisels. He redraws and underlines the lines of force of his subject.

Thus, the light, a future essential partner, will come, by its passage, to underline the bas-reliefs, the details and the sweetness of the future medal.

IV – Birth of the medal
Gordon Bennett’s car plate medal, struck bronze and silver.