Henri Dropsy (1885-1969) sculptor and a French medal engraver.

Henri-Dropsy-1925-01_siteHenri Dropsy, born in Paris 3rd January 21, 1885 and died in Veneux-Les-Sablons on November 2, 1969, is a French sculptor and medal engraver.
He signs some of his Henry Dropsy works. He was a pupil of his father Jean-Baptiste Émile Dropsy (1848-1923) and Thomas, Jean-Antoine Injalbert, Frédéric-Charles Victor de Vernon and Henri-Auguste-Jules Patey.

In 1908: he is second great prize of Rome, in medals and fine stones.

Henri Dropsy will have trained many students. I remember Paul Penin who often spoke proudly of having been a student of Dropsy.


« Eve and the Serpent » medal, circa 1920.

Henri_Dropsy_Atelier-Beaux-Arts-04msite Henri_Dropsy_Atelier-Beaux-Arts-05m_site  Henri_Dropsy_Atelier-Beaux-Arts-01msite

Here are pictures of Henri Dropsy at the Academy of Fine Arts.
Photos of Henri Dropsy, grandson of the engraver. Thank you.
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