French participation in the 23rd STUDENT MEDAL PROJECT

10 French pupils engravers and sculptors of the Jura high schools Ferdinand Fillod: the metal arts of Saint Love and Pierre Vernotte: the woodcrafts of Moirand in Mountain ended their creation in medal to be February 12th, 2016 in British Museum, in London for the 23rd international competition « Student Medal Project ».

The medal prize-winner 2016 for the 23rd Student Medal Project: Romane Cossin with her medal tribute to Gotilb.

Thanks to the pupils engravers and bronze-smelter of art of the LP Ferdinand Fillod: Metal arts – 39160 Saint -Amour: site.

Thanks to the pupils and to the teachers of the high school Vernotte de Moirans in Mountain – Woodcrafts – 39260 Moirans in Mountain: site.

Thanks to the professors and the pupils of the Lp Hector Guimard-69007 Lyon: site.